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The Coronavirus, The Church & Easter Sunday; Hope is on the Horizon!

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

I was thinking about how Christians might spend Easter Sunday this year, sequestered in our homes, like the first disciples spent their first Easter, locked in theirs. Afraid to go out because it was dangerous among all the people to gather together in any substantial numbers. They were probably disappointed, and discouraged while social distancing, and uncertain of what to do or what would happen next; when would life get back to normal? Would life ever get back to normal? Is this going to be a new normal?

People are made for socializing, for being together in community. We need each other. But sometimes we can't always be together. So when Jesus rose from the grave, he went to their homes and eventually brought them out of their homes together in a courageous, compassionate and celestial community of supernatural believers, who believe the bright hope of tomorrow is with Jesus Christ on the horizon of today, that has always been the message of the Church. In Jesus, all things are possible and we're never alone.

We might spend this Easter sequestered in our homes due to the Coronavirus and social distancing, but we're brought together in Jesus Christ through his Holy Spirit in each of us and through social media platforms, because we are the Church, even if we can't "go to church" right now. The Coronavirus will come and go, but Jesus Christ in the Church is here to stay with the enduring hope of tomorrow on the horizon of today!

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