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The Gospel in 3 Minutes

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

In 1971 John Lennon released the song “Imagine” asking us to “Imagine there’s no Heaven.” Imagine the opposite of that, that there is a Heaven; a beautiful, eternal place of love, happiness, harmony, and paradise. Imagine there’s an all-loving, eternally self-existent, perfect, holy, and sinless God, who is all powerful (omnipotent), all knowing (omniscient), who created everything, and is everywhere, all at the same time (omnipresent), who isn’t limited to Heaven. God’s presence is throughout the Universe and within all the Earth, past, present and future.

Imagine God created everything thing seen and unseen, including space, time, light particles, the Universe, planets, solar system, our planet, Earth, the air, the atmosphere, plants, animals, land masses, seas, oceans, the Sun, moon and stars, the laws of physics, science, and nature, including gravity and the biology and chemistry of humanity, so human beings like you and me could exist.

Imagine this all-knowing God knew something bad occurred that corrupted humanity, making it unholy, sin filled, and imperfect. So humanity's very existence offends God, became incompatible with God and could never live with God in Heaven or on Earth.

Now imagine this perfectly, loving, holy, and sinless God, decided to do something about it, out of compassion, to fix it. Rather than just throw humanity away, he decided to make up for our sinful, imperfect human nature, by atoning for it, to justify us by appeasing his own justice, and make repentant people, on an individual basis, blameless, as if we weren’t unholy, imperfect and sinful, then set us apart to himself, making us holy, by breathing the essence of his life, his Spirit into us, so you could have new eternal life every day and for all of eternity, with God in Heaven where God’s face replaces your faith and trust in God.

Imagine Jesus Christ is the incarnation of this holy, loving, selfless, sinless, eternally self-existent, perfect God, who’d rather die on the cross for you once in humanity, than to live forever without you for all of eternity, simply because he loves you. All God requires of you is faith, and trust in Jesus Christ and obedience to him by allowing his Holy Spirit to come into your life, changing you forever. Imagine how God sends his Holy Spirit throughout the world, over the generations and centuries, to call and convince people like you, to ask and allow Jesus Christ to be their savior and Lord, to put their lives in God's hands. This is the Gospel of hope in Jesus Christ, and God chooses you because God loves you so very much. (Colossians 1:15-27, 2:9, 1Corinthians 12:3, Acts 2:21, Romans 13:10).

You may say, Christianity is just one of many world religions. And you’re right, it is, but it’s the only one that says anything like this. All other world religions keep God at a distance and put a works righteousness burdens of redemption on the imperfect, sinful human being, which if you think about it, imperfection can NEVER please or appease a perfect God. And there is either no guarantee of a paradise salvation or just a capricious guarantee of it in a heaven. Only Christianity says God loves you so much, God would rather have graciously died for you once in humanity, to atone for your imperfections and sinfulness, than to live forever without you for all of eternity. And that God wants to put his holy nature, the essence of his being, his Holy Spirit into you if you are a believer in Jesus Christ to be “Born Again” to new eternal life by his Holy Spirit (John 3:3-7, 16-17, 20:22, Galatians 5:13-25).

You might say, I believe that because of the Bible. Again, you’d be right. I believe the Bible, because it’s the oldest, only trans-human-divine spiritual document, proven true and accurate, in over 101 ways in the areas of sciences, nature, archeology, and human history. Logic and reason say if something is proven true about so many things we already know about, it’s probable that it’s accurate about the things we’ve not yet seen, like Heaven, Hell and eternity.

Now imagine if you’re right and I’m wrong, then you’ve lost nothing. But what if I’m right? What if the Bible is right about everything; how much God loves you and the opportunity to change your daily life and eternal destiny, by simply turning your life over to God through genuine faith in Jesus Christ, allowing God’s Holy Spirit to come into your life and letting Jesus be the Lord of your life, saving you from Hell and saving you to Heaven, but you choose not to ask, believe and receive. You chose to live your life apart from God and do your own thing. Then you’ve lost everything, not because God didn’t love you, but because you didn’t love and trust God. Imagine that.

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