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How Long Will You…?

Everyone mourns something from time to time; a job loss, a death, a divorce, a diagnosis, a defect, a disease, a failure, a disappointment, when something went wrong, didn't go right, didn't go the way you thought it would. Mourning for a season is perfectly natural and normal. There's nothing wrong with it, as long as it doesn't keep you from moving on in life with faith in God. Mourning was never intended to be a debilitating lifestyle. God says to comfort those who mourn, but eventually move on from the mourning, to the life God is still giving you.

The prophet Samuel was mourning King Saul's life, death and failed leadership. King Saul's leadership was a mistake that resulted from God's allowance after Israel's persistence to have a king like other nations around them. God said he would be their king and lead them through Judges but the people persisted in wanting to be like the other nations, so God allowed Samuel to anoint Saul as Israel's 1st King. It went and ended horribly bad. In 1st Samuel 16:1 as Samuel was down in the dumps, feeling sad, despondent, defeated and despairing, God said to him, “How long will you mourn over Saul? Fill your horn with oil and go to the house of Jesse in Bethlehem. For I have chosen one of his sons to be king.” Essentially saying, "it's time to move on from your mourning, to the future I have for you and Israel." which was Israel's 2nd King and their greatest King; King David.

It’s so easy to get stuck in mourning, feeling sad, defeated, discouraged and sorry for yourself of “What’s the use?” without ever moving on. If Samuel had not moved on from his mourning, following God’s lead, Israel might not have ever had the greatest king they ever had in David. Moving on from our mourning not only helps us move forward in life, it also affects other people’s lives around us in positive ways; as Husbands, Wives, Parents, Children, Brothers, Sisters, Friends, Neighbors, Classmates, Coworkers and Leaders.

Jesus helped people and his Apostles move on from their mourning. The Apostle Paul talked about moving on from mourning in Philippians 3:14 when he wrote from prison, “I Press on towards the goal of the high, heavenly calling of God” The 1992 Buffalo Bills moved on from mourning their half time deficit of 35-3, to come back to beat the Houston Oilers in the second half by a score of 41-38, in a playoff game. Called the greatest comeback of all time in the NFL, because they moved on from their mourning during halftime.

What about you? What are you mourning over today? It's perfectly normal and natural as long as it doesn't become a debilitating lifestyle that keeps you from moving forward to the future God still has for you. Today hear God say, "How long will you mourn? It's time to move on from your mourning, by following me by faith, in Jesus' name."


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